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Puronics® is one of the best water purification manufacturers in the world. Formerly known as General Ionics, they are an internationally recognized brand name for Water Softening and Water Purification systems. Puronics® is widely known for co-developing the water conditioning system that has been used in space shuttle technology. They are referred to as the preferred Water Filtration manufacturer for many organizations, as well as for brands such as Corona Brewery®, Marriot Hotels®, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, and P. F. Chang’s.


Using 70 years of continually advancing technology, Puronics water treatment systems include technologies such as water softeners, water filters, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, bacteriostatic carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection. Their systems prevent bacteria from growing inside the tank itself as well as killing bacteria that may enter the tank from your local city water or well water.

"Orbit has been absolutely excellent in helping me with my home water filtration needs. Their representative, Evan, visited my home where he tested my water, step by step, right in front of me the whole way. He was incredibly kind and knowledgeable and really made the decision easy for me. The two gentlemen who later came to install the filtration unit were also very professional and installed the filter very quickly. They explained to me how the system worked, how little maintenance it needed on my end, and how they would come back for any repairs or changes, free of charge. I can not recommend this company enough! "

Jesse A.

"We are very impressed with the expertise shown by Orbit during all phases of the project. Nick was very thorough in explaining each aspect of testing of our water supply, and also in giving an overview of the surrounding communities water quality. He was completely knowledgeable about every feature the products offered, answering every question we had. We are absolutely delighted with Orbit and would highly recommend them! Installation was prompt, efficient, clean, and courteous. Results are outstanding. "

Gary S.

"We had a new water softener system installed and could not be happier with our choice. Originally, we were going to use a system you can buy from any home improvement store, but are glad we upgraded. Not only is the system amazing, but everyone was super professional and knowledgeable. Mike was extremely informative about the system and explained everything in great detail while being friendly and never pressuring us to decide. The installers were very courteous and checked-in with us about where to put the system as a preference and explained the system to us as well. We noticed a difference in the water right away."

Krista C.

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