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Get Quality, Healthy Water with Hydronex iGen

Does your home have healthy water? Most homes have water with high levels of chlorine and chloramines. These chemicals aren’t healthy for consumption and can be harsh on skin and appliances. In addition to being unhealthy, they can also cause your water to have an unpleasant taste or smell.

Get softer hair and skin, better tasting food and beverages, and cleaner dishes with the Hydronex iGen. This system is a whole home softening and conditioning system. It reduces chlorine and chloramines in your water and provides consistent quality.

Why Choose Hydronex?

Whether you use municipal or well water, Hydronex is a great investment for your home! Chlorine and chloramines cause water spots, stains, and build-up in your pipes and appliances. This build-up leads to problems and potentially expensive repairs!

The Hydronex system is corrosion resistant which makes it durable and long lasting. That means it will supply your home with clean, high quality, healthy water for years to come. It also functions with optimal efficiency to minimize operating costs!

What About Maintenance?

The Hydromax requires little to no maintenance! It uses a ChloroShield Clearess filter. The filter has a limited lifetime warranty and eliminates the need for filter changes. The system is also guaranteed to stay clean! It uses a double backwash process to keep the filter media bed clean.

Orbit Water Solutions

Contact us to improve your whole home’s water with the Hydronex system! Our water experts will conduct a Free Water Quality Test. During the test, you will see exactly how the system will provide your home with superior quality, healthy water!

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