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Stay Hydrated and Healthy with Orbit Water Solutions!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

How much water do you drink daily? Some experts recommend drinking around 8 glasses each and every day! The amount of water you should be drinking to stay hydrated depends on several things. If you are more active and enjoy sweating it out at the gym, you should be drinking enough water to replace the water you’re losing. Your recommended water intake also depends on your exposure to the elements! But one thing the experts all agree on? Clean water is essential for hydration and health!

So why not stay hydrated with Orbit? We strive to offer the best possible service and work hard to supply you with clean drinking water. We can install a water treatment system to clean your home’s water, and even turn your hard water into soft water!

Puronics® is known to be one of the best water purification manufacturers in the world. They have been making water treatment systems since 1947, and they manufacture their units right here in America! The water purification system filter out the unsafe metals and bacteria. With this water filter, you will be able to feel and taste the difference between hard and soft water and will be able to finally have clean drinking water without the plastic bottle waste! 

A water treatment system cleans and purifies your home’s water, leaving it cleaner and safer! Have you ever noticed that your hair is dry after washing it in the shower? That could be because of hard water! Even your cooking will taste fresher with an Orbit water treatment system. Water quality affects food flavor, as well as the results of baking breads, cookies, and other goodies. By filtering out all of the chemicals, metals, and bacterias in your hard water with an Orbit water filter, you will notice the difference in the way your food tastes!

Stay hydrated with clean drinking water. Call Orbit today at (800) 836-3987 for a free water quality test!

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