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What Makes Us Different

At Orbit Water Solutions, we believe every family has the right to clean, safe, and healthy water. We take our relationship with each customer very seriously, and we take pride and ownership for our work. Quality is super important to us, so we only offer equipment that we are completely confident in. That's why we guarantee your equipment and labor for life!

"We just moved into our house in the fall and immediately started researching whole house filtration systems. Andrew came out, gave a wonderful demonstration and answered all our questions. The system was installed in a week and we couldn't be happier. The water tastes delicious and we have already seen a difference in the amount of lotion/soap we have to use, along with our hair and skin looking healthier. We use multiple humidifiers and there is almost no mineral residue coating the outside now...This system is definitely worth the investment."

Diana V.

"I was very happy with my experience with Orbit, and we love our new system! The installation happened quickly and painlessly, and the system has greatly improved the quality of our water. The sales associate did a great job of explaining our water quality issues, including several tests of our unfiltered water, which led us to decide to invest in our new system. Definitely worth it."

Chris M.

"New water system installed about a month ago and I couldn’t be happier! I had researched systems and was about to try and install a system myself when my neighbor referred them to me. My consultant Mike was informative and knew so much. He was impressive and not pushy. I’m so glad we went with them instead. The drinking water is excellent, the house water running to my humidifier is clear now, no more gunk around my faucets, no smells in the washer or dishwasher, no spots on dishes or other surfaces. And most importantly I don’t have to worry about dangerous contaminants being absorbed into my skin and body."

Beth S.

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